Jason Alacrity’s “VESNA” Comic in production

March 10, 2016 in asides, VIDEO

Jason Alacrity and artist Megan Hutchison have teamed up to make a comic version of the short film “ASTRID” now named “VESNA”.

The comic follows the story of a reclusive young girl that discovers she is cursed with a deadly power after witnessing the death of her family at the hands of corrupt cops. Now she hunts them with the power that consumes her, and makes her a target for demons and other dark forces.

“VESNA” is slated for a summer 2016 release.

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March 8, 2016 in MUSIC, NEWS

We’re beyond excited to announce the ALACRITY Japan tour 2016. The first date has been announced in Tokyo:

Midnight★Mess Presents: the ALACRITY at 桜台POOL 16/04/03


More dates to follow….

“ASTRID” short horror film now online

February 27, 2013 in MUSIC, NEWS, VIDEO

The short horror film I wrote, directed and scored is now finally online and can be viewed on the Official Website

The soundtrack is also still available for FREE DOWNLOAD


New Music Video Work In Progress

February 27, 2013 in NEWS, VIDEO

About 8 months into the new music video. It’s looking like only a few more months now and I hope to have it wrapped up. The post on it has been a significant undertaking with 115 or so VFX shots.

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“ASTRID” Soundtrack Free Download

June 28, 2012 in MUSIC, NEWS

I just finished my latest short film “ASTRID” about a disturbed young girl out for revenge.

The film is off to play festivals, but in the meantime you can download the soundtrack for free below.



Metal Gear Rising

June 1, 2012 in MUSIC, NEWS

Still plugging away on the Astrid soundtrack, but in the meantime I did the score for three commercials for Konami’s new game Metal Gear Rising.

Check out the videos here:



Short Film “ASTRID”

March 12, 2012 in MUSIC, NEWS

Apologies for the silence, but I recently wrote/directed and am scoring a short horror film “Astrid” about a troubled young girl out for revenge.

Watch the Teaser on YouTube

I’ll be releasing the soundtrack as a free download on this website at the end of April, you can also “like” the fan page on Facebook to stay up to date on news.





New Album “SHAPESHIFTER” Now Available

July 15, 2011 in MUSIC, NEWS

SHAPESHIFTER, the second album by The Alacrity features 10 tracks of disfiguring beats, frozen atmospheres, crushing guitars, and haunting melodies.

Features collaborations with Fuchsia from Bella Lune and The Analog Girl, who Time Magazine named “one of 5 Asian Acts To Watch in 2008”


Available digitally on:

Also available in a handsome digipak from Shinto Records:

MINISTRY Cover Now Avail

July 6, 2011 in MUSIC

The Alacrity cover of Ministry’s “Psalm 69” made it to the final round of the “FIX: The Ministry Movie” challenge.

Winner had their song included on the movie’s soundtrack.

We didn’t win, but you can still but the song on iTunes.

Or check out the entire list of entries on Soundcloud.

“Tripple Hit” now on DVD

July 5, 2011 in NEWS

“Tripple Hit”, a sci-fi movie that I did some music for is now available on Amazon.

Three-parallel universes collide when a scientist, Rebecca Hunter, conducts an illegal experiment in time travel. She soon discovers three doors are now open to parallel universes – present day, past, and a totalitarian nation in an unknown timeline. As her evil fascist self tries to kill her to invade the other universes with an army, the multi-verse begins to unravel. Rebecca must use her sharp intellect and mastery of quantum physics to save the multi-verse.